So happy to have my work featured in Creative Review Magazines 2013 Photography Annual!  The work is from an earlier blogged series (June 2013) of images taken out the window of a train.  There was text on the magazine page below that I deleted because it was heavily paraphrased from something I’d written and didn’t represent what I wanted to say about it.  Which was, that as someone who takes pictures of homes, design and people for a living the idea of ‘home’ and what it is is quite interesting to me and something I think about a lot.  I tend to think that the truly beautiful spaces I’ve seen are not necessarily the most designed high end homes but often the more simple or human spaces that are constantly being shaped by and reshaped by their inhabitants.  On this day I was on my way to the Hamptons to take photo’s of multi million dollar houses and the buildings out the window represented something of equal value to me.